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Toddlering on Pottty Training

I got a chance to sneak into the boys’ bedroom again today, and read the article on potty training. I need some help getting Picasso to sit on the potty on a regular basis; Pull-ups are getting expensive! What they … Continue reading

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Peach pie

It’s finally cold enough here to use the oven!  Today’s high was around 90.  I’m not pulling out the mittens yet, but at least I’m starting to feel human again. When I got my bushel of peaches last week, I … Continue reading

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Toddlering Magazine

I found something shocking when looking under my 3 year old’s mattress: a copy of Toddlering magazine.  Really, I had no idea he was that interested in raising his parents.  Yes, I know it is his job to make sure we … Continue reading

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Peaches, more peaches

I haven’t posted here for a few days, I’ve been busy! I processed 12 jars of peaches yesterday, that should be enough for a while! (I’ll put some aside for a Thanksgiving pie, though. 🙂  Kids have been screaming – … Continue reading

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Millions of Peaches

Peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man … Or a woman, as the case may be.  I took Picasso and Cassatt and met with some friends to go peach picking today.  Unfortunately, I left my … Continue reading

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My home is far from clean.  I am always walking around toys, papers, laundry, and the like, and who has the energy, after chasing 2 boys, to clean?  (As I type this I know I could be down scrubbing the floor … Continue reading

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Cleaning tool

A few months ago, a friend turned me on to “hot vinegar” (my term) cleaning solution.  Ingredients: equal parts hot vinegar and blue dawn. I used it again tonight to clean a please-never-again bathroom mess.  I had thought the hot … Continue reading

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