Toddlering on Pottty Training

I got a chance to sneak into the boys’ bedroom again today, and read the article on potty training. I need some help getting Picasso to sit on the potty on a regular basis; Pull-ups are getting expensive!

What they Don’t Tell You
about Potty Training

Diapers are easy. You don’t have to do any work, and you get good one-on-one time during diaper changes.  And don’t you just love that warm squishy feeling? It reminds me of being in the womb.

Grown-ups don’t tell you that you lose that one-on-one time once you are potty trained.  Just like an adult, they will expect you to go into the bathroom, and do it all by yourself.  Even those darn buttons!  Where is the interaction? Where are the songs?

You also risk clothes changing.  Some toddlers hate wet clothes, others couldn’t care less.  But if you have an “accident” (also known as “where’s the diaper” or WTD) the adults will change you either way.  You will have to stop playing, get all new clothes, and maybe even survive a lecture.  Adults tend to be pretty strict about this, too, so there is no use fighting.  This is one battle you can let them win.  But still, better to stay in diapers for as long as possible. There will be no WTD incidents, and you get to wear the beautiful princess dress you picked out that morning.  WITH the green tights.

Sigh. OK, so Picasso is upset about this potty training thing, and doesn’t want those WTDs.  I’ll have to figure out some way to give him the diaper time somewhere else, too.  I’m not quite sure what to do with the rest of it … one step at a time, I suppose!


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