Whisk Together has great step-by-step instructions for a fold-and-go organizer. I made one and LOVE IT!

Whisk Together

How to Make a Fold and Go Organizer.

I know I know… this is a food blog.  But, we can whisk together a sewing project or two also!   I’ve been sewing off and on for 10 years from my wedding dress to quilts to Halloween costumes.  I have tried to add as much detail as possible for each step.  Thirty One Gifts sells one based on the same idea as a Fold and Go Organizer for $24 which includes a notepad.  This one does not include a notepad, but you could make it for about $5-10 in fabric and ribbon.  I use it for stuffing my coupons, holding my pens and writing down my grocery list.  Kids could use it to store crayons and pencils and draw on a notepad that can be inserted.  Good luck and have fun!

Fold and Go Organizer
yield 1 🙂


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