Scrap Paper Craft Container

I was inspired today by a pin about 15 ways to use contact paper.  I have TONS of contact paper.  I don’t know why.  I have used it about 4 times in the last 7 years.  And each time I bought a new roll.  So I’m thrilled with the idea of a project to use it!

As you might expect, many of the ideas involve putting different objects on the contact paper to make a collage.  (The other general idea is a sticky play surface, which I’ll file away for another day.)  I bought a bunch of construction paper at the dollar store yesterday (oh, how I love tax-free weekend) so I’m all set!

For this project I used construction paper, scissors, clear contact paper, and a used wipes box.

While the kids were playing with chalk outside this morning, I cut up a bunch of strips of the paper.  The hardest part was separating them, since I cut up several sheets at once.  I used a scissors — a paper cutter would have been easier, but that would involve going back inside.  The strips don’t have to be perfect, so I went with what I had immediately available.

I put the strips into an old wipes container.

Here’s the box of paper strips, ready to go!

Besides the upcycle benefits, taking them out of the box is also a great way to practice fine motor skills.

Picasso grabbing paper strips out of the box.  He had to work on his fine motor skills to do this.

The contact paper and construction paper makes a great label!

The finished box, all ready for action!

I also cut up some pieces of contact paper while I was working.  We will be all set for craft later!

Picasso working on his first contact paper collage masterpiece.


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