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Early morning

I couldn’t sleep so I got up early this morning. Problem is, an hour later (now) I’m ready to go back to bed! I don’t think 20 minutes of sleep will do me any good. You’ve all been wondering about … Continue reading

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Rice Krispies Treats

Picasso and I made Rice Krispies Treats after school one day this week.  It was more work to get started than I thought, because I had to find a day when we weren’t otherwise busy and he wasn’t too tired … Continue reading

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Mini marshmallows are great toys for toddlers and preschoolers.  They can practice counting, pour them from one container to another, and practice fine motor skills. And, of course, they can eat them!!!  

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Another Kitchen Sink Update

I bleached the other side of the sink this morning! It’s purty.  I didn’t clean it out last night, I was too tired and we didn’t even do dishes. But the kitchen is nice and clean now! Picasso and I … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink Update

I gave my kitchen sink a good soaking this morning. It’s really sparkling now! I can tell the difference between the left half and the right half. I guess I’ll have to do the right half on Wednesday. (It’s too … Continue reading

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Kitchen Sink 2

I did it! I shined the kitchen sink. (God bless my husband who does dishes every night!) I set up the coffee pot and dishwasher to run too. Hopefully tomorrow morning will go smoothly!

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It all starts with the kitchen sink

ImageOK, so my house doesn’t look like I want it too, all sparkling and shiny and clean.  Even when it’s clean, it looks NOTHING like a magazine. (Especially my kitchen. Oh how I would love to remodel the kitchen. But that’s a dream for another day.)

I’ve done this before, and I’m going to do it again. I’m a Flylady follower (otherwise known as a Flybaby). Her stuff can be a little silly at times, but it’s also effective at helping me clean.  So I’m re-starting the Flylady Baby Steps. Flylady says:

Your home did not get dirty in one day, and it will not get clean in a day, either.If you try to do this all at once, you are going to be mad at me, because this will be like every other “get-organized” method you have tried. I want you to take your time. As you establish one habit, you will very easily be able to add another one to your routines.


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