One of those days

Today was one of those days … if not the ORIGINAL of those days. A sit-down-with-a chocolate mug cake and-blog kind of days.

The morning was OK, except for DH telling Picasso he would be home late tonight.  DH is in the middle of a big project, and has been working a lot. But at 8:15 he’s still not home, at least they’re feeding him dinner when he’s late.

Cassatt refused to nap today. He usually takes a morning nap, but today he screamed when I put him down.  After 20 minutes I gave up and let him play while I did housework.  (This is generally my time to do housework uninterrupted because Picasso is in school then too.)  We left early to pick up Picasso because I had to go to the library (return videos and pick up books on hold).  Guess who was fast asleep when we got to the library?  Amazingly, he stayed asleep the whole time we were there.  The reserved section really is a godsend when I don’t have time to browse at the library.  I got to school early, so I got a chance to read my book while waiting. Hopefully I’ll get past the first chapter before it’s due.

For once, I had activities planned this afternoon. I planned to make slime (cornstarch + water) and bird feeders (fruit loops on a pipe cleaner).  But … they needed a nap after lunch.  Picasso actually took one, while Cassatt jumped in his crib, yelled, and practiced turning somersaults.  (Any suggestions on how to get a 16 month old to obey?)  I finally let Cassatt out, and he hung around while I was on the computer — and turned it off.  Thanks …

Time for slime.  Cassatt was set up in his chair to watch/help me make the slime.  Which ended up as thick water, I think I missed something in the recipe.  So he splashed in that a bit and I now have cornstarch all over my kitchen.

Meanwhile, Picasso woke after less than an hour, crying.  On good days I can get him back to bed when he’s like that. Today was not a good day.  I set him up in his chair to make his bird feeder, which seemed to change him into a human.  But then Cassatt toddled over to his tray and took a fruit loop.  A. single. one.  Out of about 50.  Which resulted in the worst meltdown (from Picasso) that I had seen in a very long time.  I could really do without these meltdowns.  Since he wouldn’t stay in his room, I strapped him into his carseat.  The 3 of us then drove around the block until everyone calmed down.   Then I put Cassatt down to refuse to nap again, and Picasso was just needy.  So we did baths and had dinner. Crock pot chili was the best thing I did today.  And I put Cassatt to bed, just before 5, and he finally slept.

And then, because I didn’t need anything else, there were thunderstorms. Cassatt was fine, but 3 year old Picasso is terrified of thunder.  We watched TV downstairs and he was cowering on me, wouldn’t even believe they were over when they were.  Finally I convinced him to go to bed.

After I clean the kitchen, I think I will, too.



About Sarah Unsicker

Candidate for Missouri House of Representatives, 91st District. Mother, wife, friend, education advocate, lawyer.
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