Business Plan Mini-Goal list

Dear Readers,

You are holding me accountable to my goals. I need you!!! to help me stay on top of this!  My goal is to draft a business plan by November 28. I have an idea for the business I want to start, but am not confident enough to share it with you yet. Hopefully as I get momentum on this I will let you in on the secret!

Week 1 goals:

  • Define my role as specifically as possible.
  • Answer in writing “This is what I will be doing:”
  • Brainstorm what this role will require.
  • Speak with 3 people about what I will be doing.

Week 2 goals:

  • Speak with 3 people about what the role will require.
  • Write down my definition of what the job will require.
  • Evaluate my skills and what learning I will need to fill this role.
  • Revise my definition of what I will be doing.

Week 3 goals:

  • Define what resources and education I need to acquire.
  • Have 3 people review my plan: Hubby, one educator, and one professional colleague.
  • Revise my plan as needed.

November 28 is a drop-dead deadline, because I have a meeting that day and want to bring it up with some people I’m meeting with.


About Sarah Unsicker

Candidate for Missouri House of Representatives, 91st District. Mother, wife, friend, education advocate, lawyer.
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