21 Day Challenge: Day 17

Day 17 is subtitled “Stop Comparing yourself To Others.” Once again a very timely chapter.

I just had a talk with my sister-in-law. With 3 active kids at home and an active teaching job, her life is busy.  Yet she thinks the house needs to be perfect and Thanksgiving dinner be amazing. I always feel like she’s comparing herself to me–but not really me, but her idea of who I am at home. We live far apart and rarely see each other, so I don’t really get to show her what I’m like at home. I don’t measure up to her idea, and I think she wouldn’t be so hard on herself if she understood that.

When you compare yourself to others, it’s never the real them, but your idea of them. How you see them. You don’t know what the rest of their life is like, or how they would react in your shoes. You need to live your life, not theirs.

As I write this, though, the thought occurs that maybe there is a grain of truth in how she sees me. Yes, the pedestal needs to be knocked down. But am I really as disorganized as I think I am? (Don’t ask my husband).

Today’s tasks:
Tidy the kitchen before bed
work on my mega-project


About Sarah Unsicker

Candidate for Missouri House of Representatives, 91st District. Mother, wife, friend, education advocate, lawyer.
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