Does it count as Day 2 if you don’t read the book?

Man today was a crazy day.  Cassatt got sick again last night, so I took him to the doctor–which left me with 15 minutes of at-home time during preschool.  Needless to say, I did not get anything done.

So tonight I have got to get myself in gear.  So here is my to-do list for tonight:

  • Laundry–get it all sorted (yuck) and do one load.
  • Clean up from dinner
  • make a medication chart
  • Prepare for the ADHD meeting on Wednesday
  • Finish Romans 1

That seems like quite enough, can I get it all done?

By the way, Cassatt is feeling much better now.  And you know a toddler has something up when you have to tell him not to chug the worstershire sauce (fortunately it was still store-sealed).


About Sarah Unsicker

Candidate for Missouri House of Representatives, 91st District. Mother, wife, friend, education advocate, lawyer.
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