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Falling behind, but not falling down

I have gotten behind on my challenges my goals this week. I’ve decided being dressed to shoes by 7:30 EVERY day is unrealistic. I like my morning PJ time! And I haven’t been reading every day as planned, so I’m … Continue reading

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I’ve decided eating only unprocessed food is unrealistic for me. If nothing else, I think minimally processed food is a blessing that makes my hectic day easier. My other goals this month are easier. Lighting a candle every day, for … Continue reading

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Day 3 #Unprocessed

Well I didn’t do great yesterday. Not bad, but since my parents are visiting we went out to eat. I are healthy mainly whole foods, but I’m not sure how much of it (sauce, grape leaves, etc) may have included … Continue reading

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Challenges Galore and Day 1 #Unprocessed update

So besides the UnProcessed Food challenge, I’ve found 2 other challenges I want to do: This one starts October 3. I’ve been thinking I need to read that book again to be more disciplined, and it really helped me to … Continue reading

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Breakfast, day 1 #Unprocessed

More than avoiding “anything you couldn’t make in your own kitchen” I am focused on avoiding processed convenience foods as the month begins. So for breakfast today I’m having sourdough bread that my dad made, with freezer jam I made … Continue reading

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